Itinerary to the warehouse in Roy-Boissy

Address :       Agrijute Dumarché Sarl
                    2, route de Givry
                    ZI les Alouettes
                    71880 Chatenoy Le Royal
                    Tél : 03 85 42 77 55
                    Fax : 03 85 93 60 20


Leave the motorway A16 at the exit Beauvais Nord. At the first roundabout you take the exit in the direction to Abbeville le Tréport (immediately to the right) and follow the road to Marseille en Beauvaisis (about 25km).

In Marseille-en-Beauvais you go ahead to the roundabout where you turn left, leaving on your right hand side ‘Credit Agricole’ and ‘Poste’ ; then you pass the railway crossing (about 300m after the roundabout), then you turn right at the next street (about 100m after the railway-crossing).

At the STOP-signal you go straight ahead and  later you will find signposts ‚AGRIJUTE‘. You still have about 4 km to go. After you have come along a pond on your right hand side you have about 150m to go untill you find the entrance over a bridge where you see the warehouses of Agrijute. This place is known as ‚l’Usine‘.

Itinerary to the office in Chatenoy-le-Royal

Address :       Agrijute Dumarché Sarl
                    1, rue des renardières
                    60690 Roy-Boissy
                    Tél : 03 44 46 20 74
                    Fax : 03 44 46 33 72 



You leave the motorway A 6 by the exit n° 26 ‘Chalon sur Saône Sud’. There you turn to the right and  reach a large roundabout where you turn left (last exit of the roundabout). You follow this road and pass by ‘Hotel BB’. (If you have missed this road you just go ahead to the next traffic light, where you turn left and at the following traffic light you turn right). Go ahead and drive about 2kms. You now come along two other traffic lights (inclusive pedestrian crossing). At the third traffic light you turn left in the direction to Givry passing the subway crossing under the motorway until the end of the increase (you find ‘kitchens Chabert and Duval) and in front of you on the right side you see Agrijute and on the left side of the road there is the restaurant ‘les Alouettes’.

Itinerary to the Office in 38160 Saint Sauveur

Address :       Agrijute Dumarché Sarl
                    535 Rue Vaucanson
                    Z . I . La Maladière
                    38160 Saint - Sauveur
                    Tél :   04 76 64 08 39
                    Fax :  04 76 38 38 66


From Paris

Drive on the motorway A6 in direction to Lyon (don’t forget that you come along of the site of Agrijute-Dumarché Sarl in Chatenoy-le-Royal : exit Chalon sur Saône South or North). At the exit of the pay-toll  at Villefranche sur Saône (about 3kms after) you take the by-pass motorway A 46 east of Lyon and afterwards the motorway in direction to Grenoble ; by the end of 2011 the new motorway A 432 along the airport ‘Saint Exupéry’ will be opened, merging with the motorway  A43 leading from Lyon to Grenoble/Chambéry. Leave the motorway to Chambéry at the bifurcation at Bourgoin/la Tour du Pin (crossroad Coiranne) reaching the motorway A 48 and later-on in direction to Valence the motorway A 49. Leave the motorway at the exit nr. 9, Saint Marcellin, and observe the instructions here below.

From Geneva

Take the motorway A 41 in direction Annecy, Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry. Pay attention not to miss the exit of A 41 in direction Grenoble. Using the by-pass around Grenoble pay  attention to always follow only the directions ‘Lyon and Valence’.  At the end of the by-pass (voie express) follow the motorway in direction ‘Valence’ only, first on the A 48 and afterwards on the A 49. Leave the motorway at the exit nr. 9, Saint Marcellin, and observe the instructions here below.

From the South 

Take the motorway A 7 in direction to Lyon/Paris. At the bifurcation near-by Valence take the motorway A 49 in direction Grenoble/Geneva. Leave the motorway at the exit nr. 9, Saint-Marcellin, and observe the instructions here below.

At the pay-toll Saint Marcellin turn left in direction Saint-Marcellin, afterwards in direction Voiron on the RN92. After having crossed Saint-Marcellin you reach immediately Saint-Sauveur. Still driving on the RN92 you reach a roundabout and keep driving on still on RN92 in direction Voiron. On your right hand you see a mall of ‘Intermarché’.  After about 400m you reach another roundabout where you take the first exit and turn right. After about 100m you take the first street on your right. On this street you find Agrijute in the second building on the right side.  


Agrijute Dumarché Sarl
Agrijute-Dumarché Sarl
Les Alouettes
FR-71880 Châtenoy-le-Royal
TEL   +33 (0)3 85 42 77 55