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Big Bags
The production and distribution of Big Bags requires a very high competence and know-how to reach an impeccable production quality and an efficacious controlling. Consequently we select our producers in ... 
Helicopter Big Bags
Bulk Transports with FIBC’s and Helicopters are requesting special requirements to the used FIBC. However due to ignorance often transporters are just using ordinary FIBC’s – what can be very dangerous ... 
FIBC's for Asbestos
When dismantling and disposing of asbestos, care must be taken to prevent the hazardous fibres from entering into the environment. The waste material has to be transported to the disposal site in a professional ... 
Wood Bags
We have a wide product range of wood basg in different materials an sizes in order you can deliver the firewood in a prefect way to the enduser. 
Big Bag Racks Isar & Neva
The ISAR and NEVA systems are an effective solution for the transport and stocking of your bulk goods, The advantage of Big-Bags lies in their quality as flexible and hygienic containers and may easily ... 
FIBC Frame, foldable
An ideal waste collection system for town festivals and other large events. The bins can be easily placed around the entire festival grounds (weight 5 kg/unit) and are just as easy to take down afterwards. ... 
Woven PP-Bags
Polypropylene woven bags are the substitute product of former more common jute bags. These so called ‘plastic bags’ are a multipurpose packing material. Thanks to our own warehouses all over Europe we ... 
Knitted PE raschel bags
Knitted PE raschel cloth as well as extensible PE sheets are provided as standard and are indispensable for securing the cargo. 
Potatoe Bags
Nach wie vor gilt der Kartoffelsack als eine der traditionsreichsten Sackverpackungen, ob Jutekartoffelsäcke, oder Netzkartoffelsäcke oder aber belüftete Kartoffel Big Bags, bei uns finden Sie jederzeit ... 
Jute bags
Jute sacks have a long tradition in the packaging of bulk goods. They are used to pack seed potatoes, hazelnuts and other unpeeled foodstuffs as well as for sand bags. Jute is also used for special pakaging. ... 
Paper bags
We sell paper bags of all kinds, ranging from small (500g), to large industrial. Our specialised range means we are sure to have the bags you need for your products 
Cornets & Pouches
Here you’ll find a wide selection of bags, flat bottom and flat bags, sample bags and much more, for packaging foods as well as many other items. White or brown exteriors, printed with multiple colors ... 
bag accesories
From clamps to Union bag sewing machines - we have the right sealing solution for your bags. 
Palett Nettings and Films
Paletten Wickelnetze und Stretchfolie sind unverzichtbare Helfer bei der Ladungssicherung Ihrer Palette für den Transport zu Ihren Kunden. 
Tubular Nettings for fruits
Tubular netting for fruit and vegetables comes as flat-packed bags or on rolls and reels, in various colours, either knitted or extruded. We keep a small standard range for the most popular machines ... 
Biological Geotextiles
We also offer a vast assortment of products in natural and decomposable vegetative fibres (jute and coir) i.e. our geotextiles used in re-cultivation of steep slopes or in re-naturalisation of rivers and ... 
SIFOR-Erosion coir nettings
SIFOR-Erosion coir nettings are made of 100% high-grade chemically untreated coir fibres. These products in coir decompose much slower than jute; therefore they are used for many tasks in erosion control ... 
Jute cloth
Jute cloth is still being used in multiple ways in various industries and crafts as support-cloth or packing material but also for decorative purposes for which we stock special varieties. We gladly shall ... 
Jute Stripes
Jute stripes are used primarily in nurseries as decorative material, but it also has horticultural uses, such as protecting trees during the cold season. They are also many instances where it can be used ... 
Jute Yarn
Jute yarns are used for high-quality applications in interior decoration or as horticultural twine. We can obtain the high-quality, odorless yarn that is best for you in the skein size you request, and ... 
Jute Shopping Bags
Jute carrying bags, with a new, trendy design, are the big hit right now. They are natural, ecological and sustainable. They can be manufactured in trendy colors and designs, so give free range to your ... 
PP-woven sand bags
Our warehouses are constantly stocked with a large range of sand bags in jute or woven polypropylene to be ready for flood prevention. During flood emergencies, you can save precious time by using our ...